100 Things to be Grateful for

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

  1. You are alive.
  2. You are healthy.
  3. You have survived every bad decision you’ve ever made.
  4. You have survived every bad thing that has happened to you.
  5. (And you’re stronger because of it.).
  6. Somebody (whether it’s your mum/dad/sibling/pet/friend/partner/etc) loves you.
  7. You have clean and safe water to drink. 
  8. You have food to eat when you get hungry.
  9. You have a roof over your head.
  10. Puppies exist.
  11. Same-sex marriage is now legal in over 20 countries.
  12. Smiling.
  13. Laughing.
  14. The smell of coffee.
  15. A homemade meal.
  16. Fresh sheets.
  17. Long showers.
  18. Good hair days.
  19. Good makeup days.
  20. That feeling you get after you work out, when you feel exhausted but also like you can accomplish anything.
  21. The sound of rain when you’re warm and cosy in bed.
  22. When the trees start to blossom in spring.
  23. Long summer days.
  24. Autumn walks.
  25. Snow.
  26. That moment where you wake up and you realise you still have ages before your alarm goes off.
  27. Those days where you can sleep in as long as you want.
  28. The cold side of the pillow.
  29. When you find extra money in your bag/pocket/purse that you totally forgot about.
  30. Sunrises.
  31. Sunsets.
  32. The stars.
  33. The moon.
  34. The Northern Lights.
  35. Rainbows.
  36. Out there somewhere, there is a baby being welcomed into the world RIGHT NOW.
  37. Out there somewhere, someone is probably being proposed to by the love of their life.
  38. Out there somewhere, someone has just been given the all-clear. They’re now cancer-free.
  39. You know how to read.
  40. And write.
  41. You can see.
  42. You can hear.
  43. You can feel.
  44. You can walk.
  45. You can run. It may not be fast or far but you can do it.
  46. Those times where you laughed so hard you swear you got a six-pack.
  47. You have friends.
  48. You have a family.
  49. New shoes.
  50. The smell of a new book, just waiting to be read.
  51. Music.
  52. Dancing.
  53. Singing.
  54. You are allowed to have your own beliefs.
  55. You have the freedom of expression.
  56. You have freedom in general.
  57. Parties.
  58. Barbecues.
  59. Alcohol.
  60. A really good cup of tea.
  61. Chocolate.
  62. Strawberries.
  63. Kittens.
  64. Those times where you can laugh over old memories with friends.
  65. You can speak to someone on the opposite side of the world.
  66. You could learn a new language.
  67. You can learn anything you want.
  68. Old friends.
  69. New friends.
  70. That random person you smile to whenever you see them but you’re not quite sure how you know them.
  71. No matter how lonely you feel, you’re never alone. Not really.
  72. The ocean.
  73. The countryside.
  74. The big city.
  75. The beach.
  76. Mountains.
  77. Somewhere out there a baby just took their first steps.
  78. Someone has just said ‘I love you’ for the first time.
  79. No matter what, you will always have hope.
  80. Your first kiss.
  81. Cuddles.
  82. Sex.
  83. If you earn over £6,000 a year then you are in the top 20% of the richest people in the world.
  84. You can wear whatever you want.
  85. If you get sick, the NHS still exists. For now anyway.
  86. ‘This too shall pass.’
  87. If you think about it, Time doesn’t really exist.
  88. For every piece of bad news there is always a piece of good news.
  89. For every bad person, there is a good one.
  90. Films.
  91. TV shows.
  92. Netflix.
  93. The Internet
  94. Books.
  95. Magazines.
  96. You can walk down the street without fearing for your life.
  97. Fridays.
  98. Lazy Sundays.
  99. You have the power to change someones life.
  100. It doesn’t matter if that someone is you.

Published by Aimee Garnett

25 year old aspiring writer/secret princess. Hopefully one day you'll be reading my best selling novel. Until then, I guess this blog will have to do.

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