It’s Christmas Month!

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!” – Buddy the Elf

Hey everyone,

After the year we’ve had, I think it’s so important for us to spread a little bit of kindness and love this Christmas. After spending the year in multiple lockdowns and being apart from loved ones, Christmas reminds us just how important those human connections are. I’m not actually religious at all (although we do go to Christingle at church every Christmas eve), but I think there is so much more to celebrate even if you’re like me and aren’t sure whether you believe in God. To me Christmas is about spending time with your family, trying to forget about all the bad things and just cherish the good. I turn into such a little Christmas elf, sprinkling red and green glitter everywhere I go, because even just seeing Christmas lights twinkling as I go about my day puts a huge smile on my face.

I f*cking love Christmas films, and music, and TV adverts and basically anything that is remotely christmassy. My favourite thing to do is get all cozy and wrapped up, grab a Christmas coffee, and go for a walk to see the Christmas lights everywhere. I get that it’s really basic and cliche but I just love everything about this time of year! And this year I’m going to embrace it even more. I think we all need a little dash of Christmas magic in our lives after the sh*tshow that was 2020. This month I’m going to be sharing some of my Christmas things, from films to music to heartwarming Christmas stories. I’m doing this because I love talking about Christmas so much, but my boyfriend is a total Grinch so this blog is going to be my outlet for the next month 😂!

To all my friends, family and anyone else reading this – Merry Christmas! I wish you and your loved ones all the happiness in the world.

Aimee x

Published by Aimee Garnett

25 year old aspiring writer/secret princess. Hopefully one day you'll be reading my best selling novel. Until then, I guess this blog will have to do.

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